Tweseldown May 2015

Tweseldown May 2015 – Intermediate

I was relatively pleased with how Freddie went in the dressage, however in hindsight I think I schooled him around the test a bit and didn’t really pick him up and ride forward.  We got by far our worst mark of the season, but I will take most of the responsibility because he actually responded well to all I asked of him – I just didn’t ask enough!

The showjumping round started nicely and Fred was going clear in a nice rhythm, until we turned the corner to a combination which was actually quite small.  I feel neither of us really gave it the respect we should have, and after a poor jump over the first element, Fred managed to have all three parts down.  It was all going so well up to this point,but in show jumping just one small mistake can cost you and this time it definitely did!

Coming from Brightling, where Freddie had a sneaky glance off of one of the cross country jumps, my main aim of the day was to go clear cross country.  So after a disappointing dressage and showjumping it was brilliant to get a good solid clear cross country round in.  For Freddie he actually wasn’t pulling too hard and was responsive to the aids so this allowed us to get round without too many time faults as I wasn’t wasting time setting up for jumps.

Despite the poor sj and dressage, Freddie moved up the leaderboard considerably after the cross country as he was one of the fastest around the course.  He finished in an agonising 11th place, just shy of coming home with a ribbon.