South of England 11th April 2015 – Intermediate

South of England 11/04/15 – Intermediate

The day got off to a good start with Freddie presenting himself very nicely in the dressage, much improved from Somerley the week before. There were still many areas that can be improved on but Liane felt that he was really trying hard to do as she asked. He scored a modest 34.6.

The show jumping course was challenging but Freddie’s recent good form at BS shows gave Liane plenty of encouragement that he would cope well. The first half of the course went fantastically but then a pole fell and it all went to pieces! Liane felt she was to blame as she let her concentration slip after Freddie knocked the jump coming into a related distance and following that failed to regain control and composure. Freddie then rushed the combination and knocked a further two poles which caused Liane to have a brain meltdown and completely missed the last jump! Just before leaving the ring she then remembered to jump it and narrowly avoided technical elimination.

The terrible round of show jumping then unsettled Lianes nerves ahead of their first intermediate cross country run of the season. This, combined with a new bit which she hadn’t had a chance to practice in, and a near miss of falling off over a practice fence in the warm up resulting in a blow to her face, was not exactly the perfect run up to entering the start box. Starting out on the course Liane was pleasantly surprised to feel that the change of bits had in fact improved Freddie’s brakes. This helped them to jump around the first half of the course well, but indirectly caused a run out at a tricky combination. Liane admits it was true pilot error, as when approaching the first element because of the new found trust in Freddie’s brakes she feels she didn’t set him up early enough to truly read the combination ahead of him. Fred jumped the first element with too much speed due to not being ‘set up’ adequately and then the pair just failed to make the turn to the second element. Liane then felt that the best thing to do was to retire, even though they had only made one mistake, she was not in the right mindset to continue to ask Freddie to jump when her mind was not as focussed as it should be.