Pulborough BE100

Pulborough BE100 – 3rd Place

Millie did a lovely dressage test despite the windy conditions and torrential rain! She went very nicely and was by far her best test to date.  She only scored a 36 so this was very disappointing, however in comparison to other marks in our section this was still one of the better scores.

The showjumping warm up area was like a bog so following just a quick warm up we went on to jump in the surfaced arena.  Millie jumped really nicely and was giving most of the jumps plenty of room and she went clear.

Luckily the ground on the XC course held up much better than the showjumping warm up! Millie thoroughly enjoyed herself around the course and leapt into the water off a substantial step with no hesitation.  She finished clear and inside the time.  This meant she finished the event on her dressage score and only 1 mark behind the winner, into 3rd place.