Belle – Write up by Emily Bell

I’ve been working at Hurstwood Farm for nearly two years now and during this time I have been working on a horse called Belle.  She was out of work when I first arrived so slowly brought her back into work.

Belle hadn’t done much in the past because of time and she hadn’t been willing to learn. This time Belle was much more cooperative, and took on anything I threw at her, including jumping. Belle was never too good at jumping but after practice she started to understand her job and is now jumping a 2’9 single fence and a 2’6 course with ease, and with more practice she will become even better as she has got the scope.

Belle can be a bit of a madam sometimes, as I was told when I first started riding her.  She has her moments but now she has stopped having the strops that she use to have in the school and out hacking and she has grown up into a mature horse that is excellent on the ground and good to ride.  She can still be a bit of a mare at times but just needs some patience until she gets over the situation.

I have taken her to two dressage events at Oldencraig where she has loaded and travelled well and behaved impeccably and was awarded a 1st rosette at each event. I am hoping to take her to a few more events dressage and jumping. Belle is now ready to move on to a different home where she can continue learning and improving.