Firle BE90 31st August 2014

Firle BE 90, Sunday 31st August 2014 – 4th

William Firle BE 90 30th August 2014William started his day off superbly in the dressage, doing a lovely test and showing off to the Judge! He scored a brilliant 26.5, putting him in second position after the dressage.  In the warm up for the show jumping he felt a bit flat and lacking in energy and his normal “ping” over the jumps.  He and Liane also got held for a long time in the arena before they could start the course as the rider before them had a fall at the penultimate fence.  When they finally did get going he jumped round well but had the final jump down (his first pole down since April!).  The Cross Country seemed to go well and William felt good all the way round, finishing clear inside the time.

He finished 4th, however the day unfortunately didn’t end there as following the cross country and his normal routine of ice cold boots on, when Liane removed them he had some noticeable welling around the sdfl tendon.  She got the vet to check him immediately and a tendon injury was likely so he was given an anti-inflammatory injection and bandaged up.  On the Monday William was then scanned and the awful news that he had a lesion in his tendon was confirmed.  This injury is not good news at all but unfortunately whilst competing at high speeds in eventing there is always a risk for such injury occurring.  Although he didn’t present lame, or pull up at all during the course, it is most likely that it occurred in the latter stages of the cross country.

William now faces a long rehabilitation period and at least 8 months box rest with limited exercise.  He will receive stem cell therapy and any other treatments which can help him along the way.  It is devastating for all of us here at Hurstwood Farm as William has shown himself this season to be such a talented event horse with a bright future ahead of him.  In all of his 8 events this year he has finished in the top 5 (with most sections having between 35-45 competitors in).  Including two wins and he has only had two poles down this year.  We are no focusing on giving him the best possible care and every form of treatment available to ensure that he makes a full recovery.