Hurstwood Horses


SEX: Mare FOALED: 2012 HEIGHT: 16.3 Approx


BREEDING: Sire Iroko (WF) Dam Sullane Kate (TB)


Bio: Coco was sourced at Ireland’s top event horse sale, Gorsebridge “Go for gold”. She had been produced for the sale but had no competition history. Coco caught Mike and Liane’s eye primarily due to her bold attitude towards cross country obstacles despite her young age and inexperience. She is a tall elegant mare with a quiet temperament in her stable, and despite her size she is very self aware. Coco can sometimes be sharp to ride and is very nervous of other horses in the collecting ring, something which Liane is hoping to conquer by building her confidence.

Goals: We hope to continue Cocos education over the winter and take her to training shows. Our aim for 2017 is to start eventing with Coco and possibly aim to enter her in some 5 year old event classes towards the end of the season.


Competitive career : – Clear round 90cm Arena eventing (first outing)

– 2nd 90cm Arena eventing Pyecombe (second outing)


SEX: Mare FOALED: 2013 HEIGHT: 16.1 At present


BREEDING: Cruising (ISH) X OBOS Quality (OLD)

Bio: Cindy was purchased from the Monart select event horse sale in Ireland. We viewed her loose jumping and she stood out with her bold, smooth and very correct technique over a fence. She was unbroken and only lightly handled. When Cindy arrived she had been fully clipped and shod yet it was impossible to even pick up one of her front feet; we believe she must have been sedated previously. Cindy was also very head shy and wary of people, so for the first few weeks we focused on giving her positive experiences of handling, giving her lots of grooming and the odd treat! She gained confidence very quickly and within a fortnight she had learned to pick up her feet and our farrier was able to come and remove her shoes without too much drama.

After Cindy had become more comfortable with being handled, Liane began the breaking process and Cindy responded really well. Within a month, Cindy was walk, trot and cantering under saddle in the outdoor arena and even popped over a few jumps.

Towards the end of January Cindy will be turned away to have a few months off to relax, grow and evaluate her newly found skills as a riding horse! The plan is to then bring her back into work in the summer and possibly take her out to some training shows and show jumping.


SEX: Mare

FOALED: 2011 Bred by Brendon Stud

BREEDING: Sire Warrior (Heartbreaker X Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve) Olympic Showjumper

HEIGHT: 16.2

JOINED HURSTWOOD: 2014 as a lightly backed 3 year old

Betty was purchased to bring on and sell, however we all fell in love with her friendly loving temperament and laid back attitude so she has remained here for longer than planned! She is the best at giving cuddles, and has plenty of fans including 1 year old Bertie who likes to stroke her nose and pull her whiskers, all without Betty batting an eyelid!

Betty has a scopey, effortless jump and huge elastic paces which help her to do well in dressage and show jumping. However Betty’s laid back approach to life doesn’t lend her to becoming a top event horse as she doesn’t like to gallop! She is still young so we haven’t pushed her to go any faster than she is comfortable with cross country, she no doubt has more to give but it is unlikely she will ever have enough blood to become a three day event horse.

As Betty has so many positive attributes; her jump, paces and temperament, we are hoping to put her in foal in 2017 to a stallion with a high TB %.


Competitive career: – Double clear Blue chip power/ Newcomers (1.10m) as a 5 year old

– 3 out of 4 double clears (sj and xc) at her first BE events

– Qualified for British novice second rounds in 2016

– 1st 1.05m open at Petley Wood BS

– 1st BE100 Combined training at Felbridge



SEX: Dark Bay Gelding
FOALED: 2003
HEIGHT: 16.1hh
SIRE: Chairman
DAM: Oakfields Rococo (Sire Baron B)

Freddie was bred here at Hurstwood Farm by Mike. Freddie has inherited the personality of his Dam, Oakfields Rococo, being pretty fearless and extremely forward which gives promise that his eventing career will be as illustrious as hers. He is extremely bold and Liane’s extensive SJ experience is proving invaluable for working on his pace and getting him to listen. Liane took on the ride of Freddie in 2012 having never previously evented herself, and they competed in their first intermediate during just their second season together. However they then had a setback soon after this when a fall cross country resulted in Liane breaking her leg and a knock to Freddie’s leg which required surgery. So the 2014 season started by them both needing to take some time rebuilding their confidence as a partnership. We have high hopes for this pair and truly believe that they can reach the very top so watch this space! *Freddie and Liane have now qualified for the British Festival of Eventing 2015* . During 2015 Liane and Freddie were competing at 2* level and for 2016 will be continuing to upgrade to Advanced. – View his page for more details Click here to see Freddie’s Page


SEX: Bay Mare
FOALED: 2007
HEIGHT: 16hh
SIRE: Country Top Gun
DAM: Oakfields Rococo

Millie has a stunning set of paces inherited from her Dam Coco,who excelled at dressage, working at Advanced Medium. Millie was backed in 2010 and turned away for over a year. Liane then produced Millie as an event horse upto Novice 1* level, which we feel is her maximum potential. She is now on full loan and full liveried here at the yard, with a 13 year old rider who wishes to start eventing. We feel that Millie is a brilliant horse to show a brave but inexperienced rider the ‘ropes’ at grassroots level eventing (90/100) and make a brilliant all rounder. Millie can be grumpy to handle but is a straight forward fun ride who loves to jump.

Competitive career: – 68 BE foundation points

– £163 BS winnings

– 18 top 10 placings at BE events up to 100plus

– Double clear at Brightling BE Novice 2015

– Winner of two BS discovery classes

– Qualified for British novice and Discovery second rounds

– Qualified for 1.05m amateur second rounds

– Double clears at Newcomers (1.10m)

– Qualified for multiple unaffiliated dressage championships

Click here to see Millie’s Page


SEX: Coloured Gelding
FOALED: 2008
HEIGHT: 16.1hh
SIRE: Country Lone Ranger
DAM: Oakfields Rococo

William was backed by Liane in October 2011, proving very quick to learn. He worked well in the school and started hacking out with some of our older horses. He quickly picked up the basic aids and was jumping a small course after just 3 weeks under saddle – he showed a really natural and careful technique over fences at this early stage.He was then turned away to give him some time to mature. In late 2012 we brought him back into work and he started his eventing career in the spring of 2013. Unfortunately for various circumstances (rider injury, abandonments, etc) he hardly competed at all for the rest of the season. In 2014 he has been able to have a much more productive season so far and has truly excelled! His natural scope with his jumping had ensured he has not been outside the top 5 in BE classes this year, with 2 wins under his belt already in his short career.Click here to see William’s progress


BREED: Warmblood X
SEX: Dark Bay Mare
1989 – 2015
HEIGHT: 15.2hh
SIRE: Baron B
DAM: Rosa Baccardi

Coco is our foundation brood mare, providing us with Freddie,William and Millie since 2003. Coco had a very successful career before retiring to stud – bought as a 5 year old she had much success at showing before moving on to dressage competing up to Elementary but working Advanced Medium at home. Coco then started her Eventing career and won her first event at Stilemans with the lowest dressage score of the day. She as always top 3 at then Pre-Novice, always with the lowest dressage score. Coco was competing at Novice with success until she unfortunately got her injury. She has proved to be a fantastic mother and produced some lovely stock that we think are some future stars!


SEX: Bay Gelding

FOALED: 2008

HEIGHT: 15.1hh

Weasley is a nice genuine all-rounder who enjoys his work. He joined us here at Hurstwood Farm in 2014 and has grown in stature andconfidence hugely since his arrival. Initially he struggled with his balance through his canter work in the school,but is improving rapidly. He can school nicely on the flat and is very good at teaching novice and more experiencedriders how to ride with a steady light contact. He really enjoys to jump and will happily jump round a showjumpingcourse at 90cm and is a real natural round the cross country course.Click here for part loan details


BREED: Warmblood

SEX: Chestnut Gelding

FOALED: 1997

HEIGHT: 16.3hh

Percy is the expert at dressage – he has competed up to Advanced Medium. However now at his slightly more mature age he enjoys having more variety in his work here at Hurstwood. He is not owned by Mike but is kept here at livery and can sometimes be used for lessons with more experienced riders. He also previously evented at pre-novice level so knows how to jump cross country and show jump.


SEX: Chesnut Mare
FOALED: 2005
HEIGHT: 15.3hh
SIRE: Carmel Head
DAM: Risk of Lightening (Damsire Risk Me)

Belle was backed in 2009.Emily Bell our Groom has been working at Hurstwood Farm for nearly two years now and during this time she has been working on a Belle. She was out of work when Emily first arrived so she has slowly brought her back into work.Belle hadn’t done much in the past because of time and she hadn’t been willing to learn. This time Belle was much more cooperative, and took on anything Emily threw at her, including jumping. Belle was never too good at jumping but after practice she started to understand her job and is now jumping a 2’9 single fences and a 2’6 course with ease, and with more practice she will become even better as she has got the scope.Emily was told that Belle can be a bit of a madam sometimes. She has her moments but now she has stopped having the strops that she use to have in the school and out hacking and she has grown up into a mature horse that is excellent on the ground and good to ride. She can still be a bit of a mare at times but just needs some patience until she gets over the situation.Emily has taken Belle to two dressage events at Oldencraig where she has loaded and travelled well and behaved impeccably and was awarded a 1st rosette at each event. Emily is hoping to take her to a few more dressage and jumping events.


BREED: Irish Cob

SEX: Coloured Gelding

FOALED: 2006

HEIGHT: 15hh

Mellow came to us on a schooling and breaking livery last year and when we had the opportunity to buy him we snapped him up. Only just 5 he has been working really well in the school, he carries himself beautifully and enjoys the work, definitely not your normal cob type. He loves to hack out and is such a lovely boy to have on the yard, a genuine softie who adores a fuss. Mellow is now offered out for part loan but we will continue to usehim for some of our riding school clients and our riding holiday guestsClick here for a loan leaflet for Mellow


BREED: New Forest

SEX: Grey Gelding

FOALED: 2000

HEIGHT: 13.2hh

Barney came to us in 2002 having been rescued by the ILPH from a miserable existence, completely unhandled and suffering from malnutrition. Mike Pocock adopted him with the intention of providing him with a home for life acting as a field companion for his youngstock. He was subsequently backed and has proved to be a fantastic little pony.For the last couple of years he has been ridden regularly and competed with local success. More recently Barney has been working with his new jockeyMillie on his jumping where he can be quite strong butmakes a great shape over fences. He is a super chapthat really looks that part and is a great ride for acompetent junior or even a lightweight adult.He really enjoys his work, especially hacking out and is agreat mentor to the youngsters when out on hacks.Click here for part loan details


BREED: Warmblood

XSEX:Bay Mare

FOALED: 2003

HEIGHT: 16.2

SIRE: Louella Gardammer

Gorgeous Pru sadly has a rare condition involving her palette so she is only able to do light to medium exercise so as not to cause her any harm or distress. That said she reallyenjoys her work, goes nicely in the school and enjoys hacking outwith her best friend Molly. Pru has a heart of gold and reallyloves a cuddle. It is such a shame about her conditionas she could be such a super competition horse,we may possibly be using her as a broodmare in the future –watch this space!


BREED: Irish

SEX: Grey Mare

FOALED: 1997

HEIGHT: 16.2hh

Molly came to us after being on livery here at Hurstwood. She has mainly been used in the past for hacking and leisure riding but we are now improving her flatwork and schooling and she is now ready for some of our clients to have their lessons on.Molly has a lovely sweet nature and is a great school mistress for nervous or inexperienced riders. She enjoys her hacking,being good in traffic, and will happily pop a few jumps up to 0.90. Molly is now happily enjoying her retirement.


BREED: Welsh B x

SEX: Bay Gelding

FOALED: 2005

HEIGHT: 13hh

SIRE: Whinfell Tom Kitten II

DAM: Madeline Daisy-Chain

Tom is astunning part bred Welsh Section B who has a great futureahead of him. He had a great year last year with his previous jockey Jess who spent time developing his paces and making him easy and reliable to handle. Tom had some local success showing last summer and Judges comments were that he was a lovely pony with super paces and would do well as a show pony. Considering this was his first time out on his own he was a credit to his training, boxing easily and behaving impeccably. He also entered a couple of dressage tests at Plumpton. His new jockey Millie is continuing his training,working on the flat and over poles where he is very bold and forward going, jumping ditches and water with no problems.He is happy to hack out alone or in company and is great to shoe,box, clip and catch and loves a fuss, always calling out a greeting to you when you go onto the yard. Tom does have a lively temperament and is not a novice ride so needs a confident rider but would be a top class Pony Club pony to compete in all disciplines or as a show pony.



SEX: Bay Mare

FOALED: 1997

HEIGHT: 15.2hh

SIRE: Emarati

DAM: Swift Pursuit

Tia is a lovely girl and like Barney was from the ILPH. She has some trouble with her eyesight and unfortunately can’t be ridden but she does a great job of looking after her best friend Coco.