Close of Season 2014

Close of Season

Freddie is now spending a month in light work, mostly hacking to unwind from his season of eventing.  Following this he will have a couple of months holiday out of work completely and will then come back into work int he new year.  The season has shown mixed results for Freddie, with the highlight being his well earned 2nd place in the Intermediate at Wilton.  This has lead to our main goal of next season to compete at the British Festival of Eventing in the intermediate championships.

Freddie’s dressage has always been his weakest phase but I have had a lot of help from Markus Bauer this year and although we still aren’t quite where we would like to be, our marks are becoming much more consistent.

I am little disappointed not to have produced more showjumping clear rounds this year, with it so often being just one jump catching us out and getting 4 faults.  I am looking forward to taking him out showjumping next year to work on getting more clear rounds for next year!  However despite this I do feel that his rhythm and overall flow in the showjumping has improved.

I feel that throughout the season, Freddie and myself have cemented our partnership and now more than ever, really understand what we expect of each other.  Following on from the disappointing end to last season when I broke my leg, the aim for this year was to get more control and obedience from Freddie in the XC phase.  Through some training with some top instructors and a much more disciplined and consistent way of riding I feel much happier with our way of going now.  This has sometime caused extra time faults, or on one occasion a circle resulting in 20 penalties on event days, but this has been worthwhile when looking at the bigger picture.

As a result I am looking forward to next years season and progressing with him to higher levels.