SEX: Mare FOALED: 2013 HEIGHT: 16.1 At present


BREEDING: Cruising (ISH) X OBOS Quality (OLD)

Bio: Cindy was purchased from the Monart select event horse sale in Ireland. We viewed her loose jumping and she stood out with her bold, smooth and very correct technique over a fence. She was unbroken and only lightly handled. When Cindy arrived she had been fully clipped and shod yet it was impossible to even pick up one of her front feet; we believe she must have been sedated previously. Cindy was also very head shy and wary of people, so for the first few weeks we focused on giving her positive experiences of handling, giving her lots of grooming and the odd treat! She gained confidence very quickly and within a fortnight she had learned to pick up her feet and our farrier was able to come and remove her shoes without too much drama.

After Cindy had become more comfortable with being handled, Liane began the breaking process and Cindy responded really well. Within a month, Cindy was walk, trot and cantering under saddle in the outdoor arena and even popped over a few jumps. Following this we turned her away for several months to relax, grow and evaluate her newly found skills as a riding horse!

Cindy then came back into work towards the end of the summer 2017 and did some cross country schooling and low key training shows. She now remains in work but we are allowing her plenty of time for her to mature before her competitive career starts.