Chilham BE Event April 2014

Chilham BE Event – 26th April 2014 – 5th

William Chilham 26 April SJ   006

Having arrived with plenty of time to spare, our dressage warm up went to plan this time! In the test William went nice and consistently, and kept a nice relaxed shape throughout.  Our only weaker points were a few of the downward transitions which still need a little bit more work.

The Show Jumping was not a challenging course for us, but annoyingly William became disunited around one of the corners approaching one jump, just lightly touched the pole, and it mean’t that we got 4 faults.

Again around the Cross Country William felt great and was not shying away from any of the jumps.  He also loved plashing through the new water complex and this time we made sure that we finished well within the time.

Another pleasing day out, just one annoying pole as a negative but a 5th Place Rosette and lots of positives to come away with.

Dressage 31.5, SJ 4, XC 0, XCT 0