Chilham Castle 1st August 2014 – 1*

Chilham Castle – Friday 1st August 2014 – 1*

We had a long drive over to Chilham on the Friday afternoon just to do the dressage phase.  With plenty of time on our hands Freddie warmed up nicely and went into the arena in a nice positive but relaxed mind set.  He performed a lovely test in the long arena but his medium trot and canter lacked a little ground coverage.  We scored 51.9 (65.4%).

The following day we returned to do the jumping and although the show jumping went well overall, as has often been the case this season, Freddie tipped one of the poles coming down a slope to get 4 faults.

After our fantastic cross country run at Wilton, Liane was optimistically looking forward to tackling the course here.  However, only two jumps in, it was clear that Freddie wasn’t going to give Liane another easy ride and became very strong.  Due to this Liane felt she needed to assert some authority and not allow him to take control, so reduced his speed and made sure that he was listening to her before each fence.  This caused them to pick up a lot of time faults even though they went clear.  Despite this they still finished the class in 13th place, which is their highest placing to date at an international event